Titanium Cutter Details
Titanium Cutter
Sharpest cutters in the industry.
Lens Aligning Pliers Details
Lens Aligning Pliers
Quality solution for half eyes and small children's frames.
Lens Clock Geneva Style Details
Lens Clock Geneva Style
Genuine Clock Movement
Bracing Pliers Details
Bracing Pliers
For general use on both zyl and metal.
Pick Up Screwdriver Details
Pick Up Screwdriver

Brass Large Head Screwdriver Details
Brass Large Head Screwdriver
Includes 2 Additional Blades
Flat Head Screwdriver Details
Flat Head Screwdriver
Double Flat Blade screwdrivers with Spring.
Chain Nose Pliers Details
Chain Nose Pliers

Vernier Caliper Details
Vernier Caliper
7½ in. Vernier Caliper
Nose Pad Pliers Details
Nose Pad Pliers

Phillips Screwdriver Details
Phillips Screwdriver
Conventional 4½